A Thursday Wish.

19 11 2009

My wish is that my generation may never grow so feeble as to deny our descendants that which has benefited us.

I’ve really enjoyed Nick Kristof’s columns advocating for healthcare reform.

In this week’s he compares the arguments being used to oppose health care reform to those used to shout down Medicare in the 60s, and Social Security in the 30s.

It’s in large part the 65+ voting bloc who are trying to block reform with all their might. Who the FUCK are these people to deny health care to the people that are actually going to be around 20 years from now?

If i may address these folks directly: Are you so afraid of death coming 5 minutes early that you’re overriding the biological imperative to give your children and grandchildren a better life than you’ve enjoyed?

Because I have bad news: government death panels or not, you’re going to die. Sooner than me. And, hopefully, sooner than the children whose survival you value so much less than your own.

And may I say, hopefully, sooner rather than later.




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