1 12 2009

I’m in the process of fiddling with the font size here, so don’t hold me responsible for weird formatting(/bad writing).  Apparently, even though you can do any amount of ridiculous formatting shit in WordPress’s visual mode, you have to use html to change the font size. Which is retarded.

Actually, I used to be really good at html until I started using WordPress and everything was made into pretty little buttons for me, so now it’s a hassle.

DAMN YOU, WORDPRESS! You can’t give someone a taste of freedom and then condemn them to spend the rest of their days on simplistic programming drudgery! This is some Flowers for Algernon shit.

(And in case you’re wondering, I did NOT capitalize the W and P in WordPress – this damn site autobrands itself. Srsly.)

It seems like after my morning coffee I become incapable of taking much seriously. And yes, this is my way of telling you that those super-deep tear-jerking self-revelations are still yet to come.

But I thought I’d share the witty repartee I engaged in this morning with a friend on Twitter.

Wow, I almost just typed “freud” instead of “friend.” Can we even call that a freudian slip, or would the world explode?


Friend: Bring back the eptitude.

DonBito: if you want back the eptitude, you better be looking kempt.

Friend: I’m kempt. Deniably, mitigatedly kempt, that is.

DonBito: then you’re well on your way. But watch out – the ept are often nocuous.

also, in the event that this exchange becomes novel-length, i vote we call the book “Morphemes: Unbound”

Friend: A wonderful idea! It would be the product of wild, ebriated minds.

And then I killed the joke so hard: Hailed by critics as “descript,” “Morphemes: Unbound” has helped millions gress beyond their votion to complete words.

I’m so damn witty. *spits Dom Perignon and caviar in your face* BA HA HA HA!

[Ed note: the font really looks better in the original size. Experiment ended.]




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