moving on up

2 12 2009

So, all of a sudden, it appears I may be moving to South Philly in the New Year. I mean, Bert was just IMing with me about trying to find an apartment – which is our daily ritual, sorting through craigslist ads, weeding out crazies and shitholes and identifying potentially worthwhile prospects – when Deb’s Facebook status popped up:

Deb both of my roommates are moving out! GAH! Who wants to live cheap in south philly?

Hell00o, destiny.

I haven’t exactly been LOOKING to move out of the rent’s house…it’s easy to live there: I almost never go shopping or cook for myself (though naturally, I pay for those privileges), and I don’t have to deal with roommate drama, or paying utility bills or, worst of all, roommate-paying-utility-bills-drama.

But the reality is I very much miss living on my own. I miss having my friends over, I miss my privacy, and I miss that roommate dynamic that gives you privacy when you want it and cool people to fart around with when you don’t.

And moving in with Deb and Bert – while every living situation is bound to stir up some drama – means I have 2 pre-screened roommates who I know to be cool, thoughtful, and responsible people.

Potential downsides: (or: yes, you are reading my internal pros and cons list incarnate.)

Saving money. Right now I save some money every month without even thinking about it, since I worked it out so my collective “rent” could be returned to me if the ‘rents didn’t need to use it between now and when I move out.  So, my living expenses in South Philly would not be very much higher than they are at home; on the other hand none of the money will be going into a savings account, rather, into a landlord’s pocket.  On the other other hand, there were some conditions attached to my retrieving that money from savings, and they did not include blowing the money on a summer trip to Amsterdam, which is what I’m really trying to save money for in the first place.

I have this many hands.

They did, however, include using the money to move out. So the few dollars I’ve saved so far will be super-useful when I need to move all my crap across the city once again, and for a security deposit if I need one.

…I think that may be the only downside I can think of, actually. Not that it’s not a big one to consider.

Still, the pros list is a little more populated:

I may only be in Philly for less than a year if I get into grad school and I don’t really want to spend the whole time being a Northeast full-time fuddy-duddy. And moving to South Philly will solve that by putting me

-Close to my friends, the city, and bars. On the other hand,

-I may be in Philly for a long, long time if I don’t get funding for grad school. In that case, I don’t see the point in dragging out this whole living-with-my-parents thing while I have a full-time job and am perfectly capable of supporting myself independently. God knows I did it for years when I wasn’t capable of supporting myself independently. Which brings us around to

Moving out for the ‘rents’ sake. After they realized they were going to be once again living in a house with both of their adult children for an undetermined amount of time, there was much noise made about how this was a temporary arrangement and blah blah blah. Which a) is totally understandable and b) I’m pretty sure wasn’t really directed at me, per se…nonetheless, it will be nice to be living in a situation that is perhaps temporary, but at least it will be so because of my own plans and not because I’m imposing on someone else’s privacy.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m already pretty sold on the idea of moving. As much as life has been infinitely easier since I’ve had access to a decent salary, money just isn’t important enough to me for me to base my day-to-day living for the next six months solely on my ability to save maybe a hundred dollars more a month.

And to be honest, knowing that my monthly rent gets tucked away each month has probably been what’s prevented me from squirreling away any no-strings-attached cash of my own.

I knew today was going to be a good day.




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