Busy, busy, busy

14 12 2009

Oh, blog, so much has happened!

I have been busy out the ass with no sign of slowing until well into the New Year…

Tonight I review and submit my Columbia application, which means I can get to work posthaste on the two more apps I have no idea when I’ll find the time to finish between now and January 1st…the past 2 weekends have been dedicated to holiday partying and hours of house-hunting, which finally see payoff this week, as we are about to put a deposit down on a beautiful, huge, cheap-as-dirt bi-level apartment at 7th and Tasker. The only downside to this place is that there is no washer and dryer, so I’ll have to make weekend trips to the rents’ to do laundry…a small concession, and I’m sure in spite of their sarcasm, the rents will be happy I have a weekly reason to visit.

Ooh…and hopefully once we get to move in I’ll even have a bigger, better-fitting wardrobe from Xmas…

So this week sees more grad app scrambling, gift-choosing, deposit-paying and conference-calling…luckily, this is the last full week of work I have before the holidays. Friday I’ll be at another West Philly dance party with Kim, followed by a road trip to Long Island Saturday morning so we can attend the Kelly Family Xmas party that night…come home Sunday and presumably nurse my hangover and work on apps until I pass out…

Then, thankfully I only have to put in 2 days of work before I get to spend the 23rd baking cookies with Ste and Rich and rehearsing our numbers and buying liquor for the Fag Family Xmas party that night.

Strange as it may seem, Xmas Eve day may be an ideal time for me to get some more app work done while watching Xmas specials before we go to my uncle’s for Xmas Eve paella.

Friday will undoubtedly involve much merriment, as well as Xmas dinner number one (prime rib and yorkshire pudding) before spending time with Liz on Saturday, and Xmas dinner number two (ham, pineapple souffle, fettucine alfredo) on Sunday. And somewhere in there, more grad app work.

The next week, amidst submitting the Brown and UMiami apps, Deb and Bert and I will make the rest of the first/last month deposit on the house and presumably get the keys on Friday before UHauling all over the goddamn city on Saturday and house-cleaning/supply-shopping on Sunday.

As much as I’m looking forward to holiday celebrations, seeing all my friends and family, eating amazing food and drinking festive potions -which I definitely am – boy, am I going to heave a sigh of relief once I’m set up in my new house and can forget about grad school until letters get sent in the spring.

I love being busy – I love feeling productive and social and active like a human being should – but it will be a good day when I can go back to not spending every waking minute thinking about how I could better use my time.

In the meantime, darlings, I have friends to catch up with, parties to throw, cookies to bake, feasts to attend, songs to dance to, cocktails to imbibe, music to make, gifts to give, and a brand new bachelor pad to decorate.

These are the things that will see me through until I can get back in the slow lane…




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