15 12 2009

I can’t describe how much I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning. I have to be in South Philly to make our apartment deposit at 10am and then I have to be on a conference call from 11-11:30, leaving me plenty of time to sit on my ass waiting around in South Philly, but not enough time to go back home, or even to have a cup of coffee somewhere. So essentially I’ll just be commuting for 4 hours before working for 8.

Bah. I’m in a crappy mood. TIMS is still on the fritz – apparently IT is incapable of figuring out what the problem is 5 days later – and now our internet is, as well, refusing to load Facebook, Twitter, or any news site, which incidentally means we have almost no resources for Vancouver until this problem is solved.

I’m bored and that’s making me tired and cranky. And the thought of my day tomorrow is just making me even more tired and cranky.

As is the knowledge that I should really be doing more reading for what seems at this moment to be my eternal goddamn struggle to finish these grad apps. I submitted Columbia’s last night, so 2 down, 2 to go. It would feel good to get this work done as quickly as possible…

And at least there’s free food in the kitchen today, for those of us stuck here doing work while everybody else leaves early for the actual office holiday party. Hopefully some of it will still be there when I’m ready to eat in about an hour…




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