gettin that worm

16 12 2009

Today has been panning out much, much more pleasantly than I had anticipated.

No, it was not fun waking up at 8:30, nor was it particularly uplifting to sit in traffic on 95 with that supernaturally bright AM light scorching my corneas off (I swear working second shift is like having a hangover every day). It wasn’t even super fun smoking a cigarette on the balcony of the Asian supermarket waiting for the realtors’ receptionist to show up.

The conference call was not fun, either. But Matt let me sit it out at his house, and equipped me with a lager and little pre-commute smoke which I really allowed to set the tone for the day.

It’s hard to describe how excited I am to be getting my own place again soon. I hardly realized how big a void there has been in my life since I left the city. I got an unexpected thrill at the thought of being back in the center of things, closer to friends, strangers, and things to do. Just plugged back in. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Okay. But, ah, it is close enough to taste! I can’t wait to have my own place, a big place, shared with awesome people, where we will throw awesome parties, and – as Janis Ian would say – just sit around and bask in each other’s awesomeness.

In spite of the occasional reservations I’ve had since I jumped headfirst into this house-hunting fiasco, I can’t help but feel really, really good about this decision. All of the pros I listed here 2 weeks ago still stand, augmented by the intensely good feeling I get whenever I think about the new place.

I like being the king of my own broke-ass castle.

Off to work on grad school… (read: off to try and clear up next week’s schedule for unabated partying…)




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