the sky will fall; we will rise

17 12 2009

I am overwhelmed by a building-up feeling.

The portents have been all over the map: a mature buck leaping out in front of my car, a person fainting right out of their chair in my room, and what I have come to believe is the karmic punishment that is driving home on Terwood road every night behind people who only flirt with the speed limit at their most reckless (driving in their own lane and turn signaling optional, though).

And then there is the natural rush of impending good times. As the weekend draws ever nearer, anxieties about grad apps and moving and money are fading, to be replaced by a growing excitement. Tomorrow night we will have a good ol’ West Philly party: pregaming at J’s, dancing at Elena’s…Saturday morning we’ll grab some Ethiopian for breakfast and hit the road, reliving our ’06 pilgrimage, chatting and joking our way to the enormous house with the killer game room and legendary punch filled with booze-soaked pineapple chunks (and watered down with good champagne).

Sunday is leg of lamb for dinner, probably hangover nursing, and an evening spent curled in my chair getting my grad school ducks in a fancy row.

And to top it all off I have TJ’s samosas for lunch. The future is lookin’ bright, people.




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