21 12 2009

Also, you guys, my whole body hurts. I think this is 25% alcohol poisoning, 15% digging ping-pong balls out from under radiators, and 60% digging up 18 inches of snow to make a spot for my car.

As much trouble as that snow caused me (which was actually minimal, but I can bitch about anything) I love, love, loved watching it swirl and drift while I was taking my cigarette breaks on the Kelly’s porch.

Also I think I quit cigarettes. They seem like overkill.

But it’s something about this sore and tired feeling that also makes me feel, idk, cozy and homey. Which interestingly has prevented me from making any progress on grad apps today. I swear I’m every ounce the same slacker I was when I was in school.

So tonight my plan is to brew up some cocoa, curl up in my chair and watch Xmas specials. I never get to watch them with the fam thanks to my busy work/social schedule (I know – poor me!) so why not take the time to enjoy them by myself? I’m excited.

From PostSecret this week, perfectly summing up my feelings about 2009:




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