this place is a wonderland.

21 12 2009

I just couldn’t stop repeating that the whole time we were at the Kelly’s house. My god, the comforts of wealth! Someday I hope to be able to keep a house so laid-back, so fully-stocked, so fun. Where to start?

I mean, their Xmas tree is the biggest one I’ve ever seen in a private home. And that includes the Bachman’s trees that used to rise up and up the spiral staircase in the center of their friggin’ mansion. It stretches straight up into the skylight of their vaulted ceiling and every single branch and twig is choked with lights and ornaments.

But not the Disney ornaments, because they have their own tree. (My god.)

My favorite part is the game room: foosball, ping pong, and pool tables, all professional-size. At least two candy dishes on every household surface. Tubs of beer ever-chilling on the porch.

The party food was delicious and plentiful. (A spread of leftovers was already being picked through when we left Sunday morning.)

And the punch…my god…the punch. I have been waiting for 3 years to taste this concoction. Let’s rehash the recipe (straight from Paul Kelly’s mouth), shall we?

Chunks of pineapple soak for 4 days in a mixture of 4 boxes of superfine sugar, 2 gallons of light rum, a gallon of dark rum, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of brandy, and a half-bottle of 151.

In the punch bowl, mix 1 part magical pineapple mixture and 3 parts champagne. Serve.

Not even fucking kidding. And it tastes DELICIOUS. Even more dangerous than the punch, though, are the saturated pineapples. Eating one chunk is like taking a brutal shot.

I’m almost positive it’s the pineapples that are responsible for this 2-day hangover, and for me telling Gene Kelly that Kim and Brian were going to name their daughter after her.

(Don’t tell me anything around the pineapples.)




One response

27 12 2009

Hey Buddy,

You can build up a tolerance to the pineapples. I ate a lot of them and was doing okay. We’ll start practicing for next year’s party soon.

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