come onnnn 9 o’clock

31 12 2009

It really would be a shame if I was forced to stab myself in the face out of sheer boredom, having already survived 364 7/8 days of 2009.

And so I turn to you, good blog, to keep my hands otherwise occupied (out of the corner of my eye I caught the left sneaking toward the plastic cutlery…)

If only I had something more to say. This morning I was all ready to come in and do some deep retrospective of the decade on here…I read through all my old myspace blogs and even dug up my old livejournal account…what a trip that was. Apparently I really have been blogging since the turn of the century.

Well, practically. In reality I blogged for about 3 weeks in 2001 and then not again until 2005, and I’ve been blogging with relative regularity ever since. It was surreal reading those old livejournals…first of all, the ridiculous things I got all worked up about in HS, like that rotund girl Michelle ditching me one day after school.

It was funny seeing the venom in my words and remembering that even at the time, I didn’t like Michelle. I found her boring and she had literally the most annoying voice of anyone, anywhere. She was like Janice from Friends if Janice had a rabid opossum stuck in her throat. Joe and I only hung out with her on a rare occasion because she provided a great target for our stinging wits. It’s hilarious how upset I apparently was over her perceived slight.

But I guess in HS we take everything way more seriously than necessary. Isn’t that the definition of angst?

Anyway, it makes me glad I didn’t have any friends at the time to read that shit! I posted a few last entries on livejournal in 2005, right before I created my myspace blog, and it’s amazing how much more maturely they’re written than the early blogs. Thank god for life after puberty, huh?

Point being, just reading those old blogs made me tired of thinking about how things were then…

Now I’m having an eerily cordial conversation with the ex on facebook…more in the new year…




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