To Do or Not To Do

18 01 2010

So here are a few things that I can do to keep me on track this week. First of all, I got my exercise bike down to the house yesterday, and it had always been my intention to get back into my diet and exercise routine of several months ago after the new year. I’m still 10 pounds down from my starting weight – I lost 15 pounds in just a couple of months and it has taken me the last 4 to put 5 of them back on.

Conclusion? Losing weight is actually easier than we’d like to admit – and WAY easier than gaining weight (at my weight, anyway). I mean, while I was dieting I never felt like I was suffering unduly due to my restricted calories, and even after my devotion to biking faded I was still losing weight at a decent pace.

On the other hand, it has taken MONTHS of extremely devoted overindulgence and extravagant late-night snacks to put those 5 pounds back on. So I’m back on the calorie-counting train. Which brings us to distraction number one from smoking:

exercising. I have no doubt that simply “not smoking” will seem a very attractive activity once I replace all of my cravings with workouts.

organizing my music. Rich made me an absolutely phenomenal set of mix CDs and a selection of albums he thought I’d enjoy for Xmas this year, and I have yet to rip all of that music to my PC. And I just know that I will regret it deeply if I don’t get it done before the CDs become too scratched or, you know, lost, to import. And researching and labeling all of the tracks is a good several hours’ worth of work.

reading my new books. What’s not to love? I’m already a good bit into one of my David Sedaris collections, and I’m psyched to read Billy Sothern’s book as well. Overall, I need to start stretching my brain in the event that I get accepted to grad school in the fall.

writing every day. Probably in this damn blog, mostly because I can’t even picture milking any poetry from the veins of my drab life. But if it’s going to happen, there’s no place better than my new house in a new part of the city that’s just out there waiting to get to know me…

cleaning my house. It’s not exactly a train wreck, but it is a little gross that I haven’t swept out my room or cleaned the main bathroom since we moved in. And the kitchen and living room seem to be a perpetual mess…we really need a wetjet and (be still my heart) a vacuum cleaner…

So it’s not that I don’t have plenty to keep my busy…it’s more about whether or not I can convince myself of the rewards of being productive. Good things are hard to do…




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