still got it.

28 05 2010

So, the blogging everysingleday thing hasn’t panned out quite that literally. So go ahead and die of shock.

Whatever. I have tonsillitis (again), so suck it. I’m allowed to skip a few days. But man, you invisible but no doubt numerous and vast readers are FUCKING INSATIABLE I SWEAR.

I am in high spirits, I would say, in spite of the overwhelming quantity of gunk in my general facial area. I started the day irritable, very BLAH, put out by the fact that Ste and Deb and my girl were all chilling at my casa while I was at work, on top of my sickness woes and of course the prospect of a never-ending Friday shift.

But look here, the shift is now more than halfway over, and now it’s only a few hours until I pick up my girl and head back to Stephen’s birthday festivities. A few hours of boredom and ruing-the-day, to be sure, but only a few.

I spent the last couple of hours rewriting a cover letter – of sorts – for the girl. So not only do I feel somehow productive and helpful (things I never feel at work), I also got to obsess over professional wordplay!!

It’s like killing time playing a flash game only with real-life skills!! So much fun. And, for your reference, I’ve still got it.

The giant, pendulous brain-dick, I mean.

And in looking-on-the-bright-side news, 10 days, 3 hours and 12 minutes remain of my employment at this fresh hell.

This is sort of a series of random thoughts, no? A babbling? The babbling. Oh, the babbling. Well, fuck off, that’s what this blog is here for. My babbles. My bloggles, my babbles. It’s my blog and I’ll blab if I want to.

I’m done.




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