Shit I wanna do

4 06 2010

I think I should set a goal for this list, say, that it will be 100 items long. I think that’s doable. A of all, it will keep me busy, make me think (about fun things) and B of all I’m pretty positive there are easily 100 things I’d like to do this summer.

This won’t be a checklist, but more of a vague guideline. And what will be great is that I can consult it on days when I’m bored and out of ideas. Yessssss


100 Things I Want To Do This Summer Or Whatever:

1. Crab cookout. Just at the casa or whatever. Lots of beer and good people.
2. BOOZY SMOOTHIE PARTY. So excited about this. Pajamas and trash talk.
3. Ocarina of Time Day. Broccoli meatball pizza.

Dear god, we’re at 3 and I’m already faltering. It’s the conceptual weight of 100 things. I will not be deterred.

4. Have a barbecue. Chicken, pineapple, corn, shrimp, chorizo, peppers….everything.
5. Ride bikes. Through the city. In the park. Up the drive. Whatever.
6. READ. A lot. Stuff for next semester and fiction and poetry.
7. Write everyday. Just something. A blog post, a poem, a journal. And hopefully a paper or something academic-y.
8. Go to a water park. Just added that one because I saw a picture of someone at a water park. But there’s nothing not great about water parks, so shut your hole.
9. Lay in the park. This will be perfect to couple with reading, writing, tanning, or some of the other things that will end up on this list. Napping optional.
10. Hang out in an arcade. Preferably at the beach. Play lots of table games. Kick ass at air hockey.
11. Swim in pools. Lackman. Sellersville. Cannonballs. Friends. All that shit.
12. Go to the zoo. Fucked up. Why not?
13. Hang out at Logan’s Circle. Get in the damn fountain. That’s right.
14. Boosh-a-thon. This is happening. Hookah. Legend of Milky Joe.
15. Eat hot dogs. Like, really good hot dogs. Of many varieties. Not sure why. Sounds delicious though. Spicy brown mustard.
16. Go to Sister’s. For the hell of it. One last time. Hopefully with Neesha and Thiala/Camilla.
17. Go to Scene. Damn that was a bumpin party.
18. Stoner movie days. Hotbox. Sneak in bougie food. Possibly wine. Enjoy the AC. Repeat.
19. Read a newspaper. Who knows how much longer they’ll be around?
20. Bake stuff. Whatever. Yummy stuff.
21. Cook. A lot. Follow recipes (huh?).
22. See the mysterious watering hole in Valley Green. WANT.
23. Play barely-organized sports. Hackey-sack, chink, frisbee, dodgeball, hit a baseball, kick a soccer ball, etc.
24. Miyazaki marathon. Must do this.
25. See a concert. Why not? I never do this. Might be fun.
26. Drink smoothies. Make ’em, buy ’em, I want ones with peanut butter and coffee and craziness. Also, avocado shakes.

All right. 26 – whatever. Got bored. Posting this anyway. I can always update it.

…Annnd we’re back! No news on for how long, but I have at least one additional entry. I’ll stick around and see what hits me.

27. Life of Mammals marathon. Talk to me, David Attenborough. About the animals.
28. Get 1am Pretzels. They’re the best. Eat ’em hot, buy in bulk, and pan-toast the shit out of them the next morning.
29. Have a music-sharing gathering. There’s a lot of people’s music I’m going to want before I leave. Sit, smoke, listen, share, chill. Repeat.
30. Buy fresh produce. At the Italian market, or the farmer’s markets, or the produce trucks. Cook with it.
31. “No apparent reason” pub crawl. Submitted by the girl. Hokay.
32. Go to NYC. For a day? Two? Stay with Priscilla? Drinking.
33. Go to the beach. As often as possible. How did I miss this one in numbers 1-32?
34. Day drinking. In the house or walking around town. Preferably starting soon after I wake up.
35. Sleep. Get back into the practice of the art I perfected as a part-timer.
36. Get water ice. And gelatos. And ice cream. And all manner of yummy summer treats. They make a great breakfast.
37. Visit all of my spots. For a last hurrah.
38. Find some new spots. Go exploring.
39. Cash in on my roof time from Kim Murray. Necessary.
40. Play cards. Big games, little games, fortune-telling, all-day games.
42. Sit at cafes. Look pretentious. Sip coffee. Judge from afar.
43. Impromptu dance party. When the mood to Dj strikes…
45. Go inner tubing down the river. I have always wanted to do this.
46. Play mini-golf. Otherwise what kind of summer would that be, exactly?
47. Sangria. Only one word necessary.
48. Get really good at Photoshop. Or something. Must prepare for long-distance image wars.
49. Play beer-pong. Because this seems like a life experience a 25-year-old should have under their belt.
50. Go on a hike. Rickett’s Glenn maybe?

OKAY! After a week of spotty work, I have finally made it to 50. I feel accomplished. Only half as accomplished as I wanted to feel, but still. Pressing forward…




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